Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access)

Fans of the epic FPS games of Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile, and the likes will finally have themselves a great mobile title to enjoy on their Android devices with Battle Prime. Experience epic and awesome shooter gameplay as you join your friends and online gamers from all over the world in addictive online shooter challenges.

Dive into a variety of interesting gameplay as you join others in the refreshing FPS experiences with futuristic setups. Battle against your opponents in different game modes and make uses of the interesting weapons. Enjoy addictive combats with stunning and atmospheric visual experiences.

Now you cand download activated Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access) from Website

. The Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access) can be activated from Windows and Mac computers.

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Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access) Story

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves joining the Primes – the universal war avatars that were trained and equipped for a sole purpose, which is to take down your enemies as you go and complete your in-game objectives.

Each Prime will have his own unique and useful abilities that you can make uses of. Feel free to choose your favorite characters and use their capable abilities to effectively win against your enemies during battles.

Work with friends and online gamers as you challenge the others in exciting online matchups. Unlock a variety of interesting in-game features and actions as you progress.

Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access)

Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive touch controls to dive into the epic shooter challenges

To start with, Android gamers in Battle Prime will find themselves having access to the simple and intuitive touch controls that allow you to quickly get familiar with the gameplay. Feel free to move around and explore the map with the useful analog controls, crouch, or crawling on the floor to avoid enemies’ attack. Unleash precise shots, reload, focus, and manually aim using the touch buttons and gestures. Feel free to immerse yourself into the epic shooter challenges whenever you’re in the game.

Explore the fun and addictive FPS shooter

For FPS fans, Battle Prime should definitely be one of your favorite shooter game, where you can enjoy the epic third-person shooting simulator with in-depth gameplay and features. Choose your tactics, team setups, weapons and equipment to enjoy pic shooter gameplay. Unlock dozens of interesting game modes as you join friends and online gamers in immersive combats. Enjoy the stunning graphics, atmospheric environments, and amazing actions like never before.

Choose between different Primes with amazing abilities

And to make the combats and in-game tactics more interesting and diverse, gamers in Battle Prime are also allowed to pick up their favorite Primes, each with their own amazing abilities. Depend on your preferences, feel free to switch up between different battle styles. Either take down your opponents directly with your brute forces, or lure them into your traps using the stealthy ways. Discover and enjoy different styles of fighting with amazing Primes.

Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access) 2

A variety of amazing weapons to pick up

As you progress in the game, Battle Prime will also introduce a variety of amazing weapons that you can pick up and enjoy. Have access to the incredible melee or ranged weapons as you use them to take down your enemies. And depending on your tactics and approaches, there should be plenty of available options for you to pick up. Start with the powerful assault rifles that can effectively take down your enemies at a close distance. Or make uses of the powerful bazookas and accurate sniper rifles to eliminate your targets from afar.

Experience awesome PvP battles against friends and online gamers

And for those of you who’re interested, the game will introduce Android gamers to the immersive and enjoyable PvP battles against friends and online gamers from all over the world. Find yourself diving into epic gunfights that support up to 6 different players on each team. Explore and enjoy the team fights as you work together to win the matches. Choose the right tactics and approaches as you successfully control the course of battles.

your enemies, get maximum points and move higher to the top of the shot rating.

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Battle Prime 2.3.2 (Early Access) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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